Packed with ingenious features, jetweels looks as great as it performs.


Keeps passengers
comfortably and safely in place


The ergonomic seat improves posture and stability.


Non-metallic made of 100% transparent polycarbonate through metal detectors


Jetweels is Made of Polycarbonate plastic, can pass through metal detectors without triggering alarm system.

Transparent poly-carbonate material provides optimum visibility for security screening.

Maneuverability: 8 radial ball bearings make for smooth and easy maneuverability.

Comfort: Hassle-free arm and foot rests plus ergonomic design and comfort.

Custom Colors
Over 30,000 custom colors. The transparent polycarbonate is available in an unlimited variety of colors.

Seat belt and Harness to provide maximum safety for passengers.

Baggage tray under the seat to store carry-on bags & personal belongings.

Compact Design The overall chair width is designed to roll right through the standard airport metal detector.

Nesting Ability Minimizes Storage Space


Product Support with one on one phone, Jetweels sales support staff ready to assist you.

Manufactured 100% by us.

Online Support Тhere are little helpers everywhere in Jetweels website, that let you retrieve quick information and Download PDF manuals and specifications.

Unlimited colors  Let our staff help you customize your Jetweels to meet your Brand Identity

Easy setup online guide and video, Takes less than 5 Minutes.