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Ordering and Rates

Ordering and Rates FAQ

What is the minimum order quantity for Jetweels chairs?

There is no minimum order quantity.

What is min order for custom special color and branded chairs?

50 chairs are required to be ordered to be able to customize colors for your brand. 

What is lead time to order?

Once ordered, the shipping time takes about 4-8 weeks. Assembly times vary depending on order size.  

Does the chairs comes fully assembled?

All chairs are delivered fully assembled.

Can I see the wheelchair first? How do we get it in our hands?

We will provide you with assembled samples. You can use the chair for one month before it needs to be returned. 

How do I participate in giveback program?

The customer is not required to participate in the giveback program. However, if you  want Jetweels to incur the cost of removing their existing wheelchairs, we will remove them from their premises and donate the wheelchairs to a worthy cause. 


Jetweels technical Information

Whether you are aware of it or not, as a business owner you conduct market research all the time.

What is the current capacity of the manufacturer? 

Currently we are able to produce 1,500 chairs per month, in 6 months the estimated production will be about 5,000 chairs per month.

Dimensions and Weight

43.5” in height, 48.5” in length, 22.5” width.  Weight to 51.8 lbs (23.5 Kg)

Package weight to 73 lbs (33 Kg). See the customer manual for more details. 


Warranty and Returns Policy

What is warranty on Jetweels?

The warranty to the customer is one years. If the customer wants maintenance on a chair after 3-years they will be charged according to Jetweels normal rates. 


Advertising on Jetweels

Advertise and promote your brand on Jetweels

What is the minimum advertising contract period?

Minimum advertising contract period is 1 year. 

Can an advertiser select where their chairs are distributed?

Advertisers can choose a category and we will do our best to distribute them to a specific location, however, placement is not guaranteed. For example, Advertisers can choose airports, but not a particular single location. If that particular single location is willing to accept Jetweels and willing to accept the sponsor, then we can get it in that facility. 

What is the advertising cost?

Please reach out to our sales team at for quote.

Who we serve

Jetweels non-metallic and stackable design provides hassle-free access through airport security.

Hospital staff will find Jetweels lightweight and maneuverable and packed with important safety features.

Increase fan engagement by customizing Jetweels with your team colors and logo, all while reducing security line wait times.

Jetweels has 8 radial ball bearings which makes for easy operation, and stacking them is a snap with the nesting feature.

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