Wheelchairs at various public places might not be the optimal for comfort or for use, but people have to utilize them in order to get through security checks. There has been a lot of emphasis on security checks of transport chairs, as such many public places provide their own wheelchairs to enter a specific place for the purpose of security, the transport chairs provided at such locations are the most basic ones as it is easy for the organization or place to manage and store them.

However, with our Jetweels the said problems can be countered with proper security and comfort. Our Jetweels is made from 100% non-metallic poly carbonate plastic, which is totally transparent, as a result during security checks if the passenger isn’t carrying any unregistered baggage it can be smoothly and efficiently monitored. Due to its transparency and non-metallic attribute the transit time during security checks is drastically reduced from 30 minutes to 3 minutes.

While Jetweels is made from poly carbonate plastic, it is recyclable and non-rustic. Jetweels can also be stacked and to save space, but for passengers it has a separate baggage carrier below the seating.

Due to the composition of Jetweels it is also lightweight and easy to maneuver. Even after harboring all the facets Jetweels doesn’t compromise on the comfort level of the passenger. Jetweels also has a braking system for the emergency stops on steep slope.  

While many wheelchairs need to be replaced, due to broken parts Jetweels can be easily repaired as each part of the Jetweels is replaceable. The servicing of the Jetweels is also not a major problem as it can be done by any capable person.

While the various attributes of Jetweels makes it the perfect transport chair for any location, hospitals, airports, theme parks and other similar public places are in need of Jetweels to provide comfort to passengers without compromising the security of their location.