Perfect for Airports

Jetweels was developed based on over 13 years of experience providing transport chair services for the JFK Airport, one of the busiest international terminals in the U.S

Made of a strong recyclable non-metallic poly-carbonate material which reduces pat down processing time for passengers. No need to get out of a chair to pass through security.Passes through metal detectors without triggering the alarm if the passenger isn’t carrying metal objects. The transparent design makes it impossible to hide objects in or near the chair.

Born out of necessity.

  • Jetweels was developed based on over 13 years of experience providing transport  chair services for one of the busiest international terminals in the U.S
  • Delight passengers with this innovative new design that will transport them in comfort and style.
  • Gel seat cushions provide for additional comfort!
  • Designed to specifically address safety concerns born from injury reports that include passengers falling out of chairs and leg injuries from unstable footrests.
  • Made of a strong poly-carbonate material, Jetweels is 100% metal free, allowing it to pass through security with ease.
  • Customize Jetweels with thousands of color combinations,and your logo, to match it to your corporate identity. Jetweels was designed to address issues faced by millions of passengers.
  • Safety features include available seat and chest restraints, footrests that maintain foot stability, and an ergonomic design to maintain proper positioning.
  • Higher placed push handles protect staff from back and wrist injuries and the hygienic surface is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic Engineered to improve posture and stability, which maximizes blood flow from head to toe.
  • Higher placed push handles protect staff from injuries such as back and wrist strain.



The transport chair is 100% plastic, it passes through metal detector without triggering alarm if passenger doesn’t carry any metal object.


Any object can be seen visually. The transport chair is made of transparent poly-carbonate material which is strong and transparent


The transport chair mass center and gravity location make the transport chair very stable when moving in plan or inclined walkways.

Maintenance Free

Transport chair doesn’t consist any removable part unless stated. Easy to assemble and disassemble, and all parts are replaceable.


The transport chair can be stacked when not in use. It saves valuable space where the transport chair is stacked on the other.


The seat attached with seat-belt provides optimum safety. Brake system is also attached for safe stopping.