Assembly Steps

This process takes less than 5 minutes. Let’s get started

Step 1

To begin let's take an inventory of the parts received. You should have the following:

  • 2 Side panels fully assembled
  • 1 Seat
  • Footrest and baggage tray
  • 2 long shafts tube
  • 4 short shafts tube
  • 12 Screws

Now that we have all the parts let’s start with the assembly process.

Step 2

  • It is best to start the assembly upright with the left panel. Looking at the side panel, we can see the 6 insert location for each shaft.
  • To start, take the short shaft tube and insert it on the upper top panel using the small screws to secure in place, once the first shaft is in place, we will move to insert the next 2 shafts, using the long shaft.
  • At this point, you should have only 3 short shafts remaining to secure in place. Before proceeding to add the remaining shafts, we will first connect the footrest and baggage tray.
  • First, align the tabs between the baggage tray and footrest. Then insert the shaft between the tabs, the shaft should go in smoothly once the tabs are properly aligned.
  • Insert the assemble baggage tray and footrest on the 4th hole in the side panel. Then proceed to insert the remaining 2 shafts.
  • Once you have all the shaft in place using a drill go over each screw to drill them into place.  Place the panel with the shaft facing upward on a smooth surface

Step 3

  • With the main side, panel rested on the ground, insert the seat into its groove on the main panel. Push the seat down until there is no visible gap between seat and main panel

Step 4

  • Now, take the right side panel, align and insert through shafts and seat into groves. Insert the remaining 6 screws within each shaft and tighten. Rotate chair to upright position and test stability

Step 5

  • Be sure to watch our installation  video before operating your new Jetweels Transport Chair


Airport security control
  • Serves best at airport security checks where metal detectors are allocated
  • Passengers not carrying any metal objects and using Jetweel Transport chair can easily pass through security controls without any metal detector alarms
  • A fully transparent nonmetallic Transport chair for optimum security
Swimming pool
  • Customers can be easily and comfortably take the Transport chair into the swimming pools, sauna, or bathing places and not worry about parts becoming rusty.
Stadiums, Arenas & Amusement Parks
  • Jetweels is perfect for places where metallic objects are not allowed and to help customers with reduce mobility be accommodated for ADA compliance.